GoodDays 2018

Combines the features of Chinese Zodiacs, Feng Shui and Lunar Calendar that you can choose the best date and the best time for important events

Give Advice when making important decisions
Data Proven
from the famous Feng Shui Master in Hong Kon

VIP discounts
for on-site visits and personal advices

Any Expense

Offers a seamless expense reporting experience for Business & Personal, it is a finance management app, just 3 simple steps: Capture, Input, Export!

Capture a photo of the receipt
 expense details in multi-currencies

as an excel file and get management approval immediately
Create Invoice* for business partners

ST Protect

Provides real-time protection against mobile device being compromised, malicious apps and zero-day attacks and WiFi network attacks.

Against malware and virus
Protect your personal data on iPhone & Android

Safe on public WiFi network